JMM Conferences

Kingdom Conference

One night while Dr. McCree was asleep the Lord spoke audibly to him, saying, “My Son, the popular messages of the Kingdom did NOT come from me.”  Simply meaning, many of the messages that have caused the phrase “Kingdom” to become popular in the Church lack Truth, depth and real revelation of His Holy Kingdom. This caused him to ask God, “what exactly is The Kingdom?” His answer was simple; “Dwelling with ME, is my Kingdom.” God showed Dr. McCree that His Kingdom is a people who live in Him, and He in them: they are the only men on earth who are truly walking in fellowship with Him. Dr. McCree was shocked at how men had taken the simplicity of the truth and complicated it with their ideologies. This knowledge led him to begin a series entitled the Gospel of The Kingdom. The Lord later spoke to Dr. McCree that the name of His Son had gone to the world, but the Truth of His Gospel had not. This sent Dr. McCree deeper into His Study, as well as revolutionized His passion to proclaim the Gospel in simplicity.

Every one who seeks a progressive revelation of the Kingdom of God, finds their way to the city of Newark, New Jersey.  Kingdom Conference promises a deeper understanding of the Word of God for His Kingdom, as well as fresh marching orders to participate in the Lord’s agenda for His Kingdom in the earth.

If you are looking for directions in ministry, instructions in righteousness, a revelation of the Kingdom of God that reveals where God is currently with His Kingdom, consider attending Kingdom Conference.

Gathering of the Sons

The conception of Gathering of the Sons is a simple story. During Dr. McCree’s tenure in ministry with his Spiritual Father, Bishop James E. Bias, the Lord gave him a revelation of being a son of God, as well as a son in ministry. The knowledge and disposition that the Lord trained him in caused him to stand out, as it relates to the way that he postured himself to God and spiritual authority. This caused many of the members to reach out for mentorship, to be taught how to properly align themselves with God, authority, and the vision of the ministry. One day after a service one of the brothers of the ministry approached him in tears saying, “please teach me… I want to be a son.” The sincerity of his request sent Prophet to tears, and he assured him that he would teach him, although he had no idea how. As Prophet wept before the Lord in prayer, he asked, “Father how, how can I spend time with them all? How can I reach them all, seeing all that you have placed in my hands to do?”  The Lord sweetly answered, “Gather them, gather the Sons and teach them all at once.”   Dr. McCree went directly to Bishop Bias to share this encounter with him, as well as to receive guidance. Bishop’s Spirit bared witness that this was the will of God. He then asked Dr. McCree what would they call it. As the instructions of God replayed in Prophet’s mind, he said, “we will call it what God called it… it is a Gathering of The Sons.” As leaders heard of this gathering, both leaders that were local and abroad made plans to attend.

Following the counsel of Bishop Bias, Dr. McCree never sought to make it an annual conference; only calling this conference by the leading of the Lord. Thus, the Gathering of the Sons has become a place where God gathers His Sons to sit before Him and hear His heart and mind. Those who attend enjoy a unique fellowship with other Sons who have a like mind to both know and obey the Father. There is always a fresh Word, and fresh grace being poured out by God each time He calls for His sons to gather.

If you are looking for a revelation of God that enriches your walk with Him, coupled with a divine encounter of His presence… we would highly recommend that you keep your eye out to see if the Lord will call for, The Gathering of The Sons!