Dr. Jesse L. McCree


Phone: (877) 517-4482
Email: jessemccree@gitconline.net

Dr. Jesse L. McCree is a loving Husband (of Tiffanye’) and the proud father of three (Eddie, Zachirah and Zakeria).

At the age of 17, Prophet Jesse McCree began preaching the Word of God while manifesting signs of the Prophetic Mantle. His early development as a Christian and Minister was developed under the tutelage of the late Dr. Dontavies Boatwright, where he learned the power of humility, prayer, the importance of being fathered in ministry, and the necessity of being continuously accountable to authority. He has always honored these teachings and has always remained under instituted authority in ministry.

Further development would lead Him to move to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida where he submitted to his Spiritual Father Apostle James E. Bias, Agape International Christian Fellowship. While faithfully serving, His Father in the Gospel (Apostle Bias) began to direct him, by the leading of the Holy Spirit to minister in the Orlando, Florida area. In 2010 the once evangelistic driven revivals became Global IMPACT Training Center. The Lord guided Prophet into designing Global IMPACT as a very unique ministry, which is an environment conducive to study, being set up as a classroom versus the usual sanctuary setting. GITC now has a second location in location in Newark, New Jersey and groundwork is currently being laid for a third location in the Dallas, Texas area.

After receiving the Vision for Global IMPACT Training Center, the Lord visited Prophet, alarming him that He had called and graced him to build these Training Centers in several locations. The Lord told Prophet that He (the Lord) would use these Training Centers as wombs to birth Manifested Sons of God in different regions to represent Him. As a result Prophet is working faithfully in these ministries to bring those who are a part of the vision into fulness of Jesus Christ, according to the prescription found in Ephesians the 4th Chapter.